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Dr.Felipe Rios is and has always been devoted to the people. That’s what being a Political Candidate is all about. After years of experience working in NGOs and NPOs to make positive change in the lives of families, seniors and young people Dr. Felipe Rios is now taking it to politics. It’s this intense dedication, passion, and devotion that fuels their fight for change. Explore the site to learn more about the issues that Dr. Felipe Rios is concerned with, their plan to tackle the problems and ways you can join the cause.



Moral Values:

    1. I will fight to enforce the definition of marriage as it has been understood for several thousand years, and that is one natural-born man and one natural-born woman. The current law is Indiana Code 31-11-1-1, which states that marriage shall be between one man and one woman. 

    2. I will support HB 1097 ("Protection from Conception"), which is a bill drafted by Representative Curt Nisly that supports an unborn baby from the time of conception all the way through the birth process. 


Veterans Care:

   Our veterans have honorably served our country, allowing us to enjoy the freedom and liberties they served to protect. As a way of paying honor to their service, we need to honor them by making sure that they can enjoy the best medical care and have access to employment when they return to civilian life. I will work hard to fight for honorably discharged veterans and to promote ideas that will allow them to seamlessly return to the workforce after their military service has concluded.


Health Care:

   As a duty to defend and uphold the Constitution as stated in my oath of office, I will work with my fellow legislators to rigorously enforce the 10th Amendment by not enforcing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Indiana. The ACA represents Congressional overreach since the States did not delegate to Congress the ability to set up a health care system. I will listen to ideas from my constituents as to what laws are needed to make access to affordable insurance more readily available in our great state.


Ballot Access:

    Our current Election Code (Section 3) does not conform with the Indiana Constitution. Specifically, in Article 1, Section 23, it states "The General Assembly shall not grant to any citizen, or class of citizens, privileges or immunities, which, upon the same terms, shall not equally belong to all citizens. Article 2, Section 1 states "All elections shall be free and equal." I will work with the Senate Elections Committee to draft legislation that will allow people of all political worldviews to have an equal ability to run for office.


    Our state is filled with many people who have come to America legally to fulfill their dreams. I will work hard to make sure that immigrants that come here legally have the freedom and liberty to achieve their dreams. It is important that we work with federal officials to make sure that all residents in Indiana are here as legal citizens, are here with a current working visa, or are here on temporary legal status while their paperwork is being processed. As far as citizenship is concerned, the ability to confer citizenship rests with the general government. 




The Stakes are High

Felipe Rios

 is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people all over the world. They hold this issue close to their heart, working day in and day out to find ways to improve the cause. Felipe Rios

 aims to maintain balance within the political system, and will keep pushing until the correct balance is reached.

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